How low code business apps can help companies recover post Covid-19

Last year Forrester forecast that the low-code market will grow 40% annually to $21.2 billion by 2022[i]. As companies look for ways to support their recovery post Covid-19, many are turning to low-code tools to develop business apps, according to Malcolm Carroll, director at BlueFinity International.

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Tech Moves: Former Amazon VP Brad Porter joins Scale AI as CTO; Seattle startup adds execs; and more

Tech Moves covers notable hires, promotions and personnel changes in the Pacific NW tech community.

Brad Porter, the longtime Amazon robotics leader, has surfaced as the first chief technology officer of Scale AI, a San Francisco-based company seeking to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence through its machine learning technology for labeling data.

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Should The CTO Code? 16 Tech Leaders Weigh In

In today’s digital world, the role of chief technology officer has expanded. CTOs are more involved in every aspect of their companies and have taken on roles that are more focused on overall strategy and are often customer-facing. Their education and inclination may lead them to keep their heads down and focus on programming and coding—but is this the best use of their experience, talent, time and energy?

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Octopus Energy CTO James Eddison on APIs, the Cloud and the Future of Energy

James Eddison is Octopus Energy CTO. He co-founded the business in 2015 with Greg Jackson, the company’s CEO.

Octopus has developed a novel cloud-based customer service platform, Kraken, which it uses to meet the needs of its 1,500,000 customers, and licenses to other energy suppliers.

An engineer by background, James tells us how cloud technology has been central to the growth of Octopus and why he believes in putting the power of the firm’s novel technology back into the hands of its customers through APIs.

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